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Self Storage Units
For Personal
& Business Use
24/7/365 Security
Easily Accessible
and Affordable

What you need to book your storage with us?

Renting a self storage unit is like renting any other property. Here is a quick self storage checklist of items that you will you need to bring
before renting a unit from us.

  • A valid South African ID
  • If you are a foreign national residing in South Africa we require proof of a valid work or residence permit as contained in your passport.
  • Proof of banking details
  • Proof of residence, that is any utility / cellphone or doctors bill
  • Your own padlock or moonlock

Items deemed hazardous or not suitable for self storage:

  • Enviromentally harmful corrosive goods
  • Firearms, amunitions or explosives
  • Cash and securities
  • Living plants or animals
  • Perishable or edible goods
  • Toxic, pollutants or contaminated goods
  • Full or empty gas cylinders
  • Illegal, stolen goods or drugs
  • Flammable liquids, including petrol
  • Radioactive materials
  • Goods which require special license