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Self Storage Units
For Personal
& Business Use
24/7/365 Security
Easily Accessible
and Affordable

Why store your property with us?

Space and Price

Our self contained storage units are available in either 
18 Sq m for R1150.00 p/m incl. vat.
9 Sq m for R750.00 p/m incl. vat.
o deposit is required.

Easy Access and Protection

The layout of the units makes for easy access by any size vehicle for on or off loading directly
at any unit.

No electricity or water laid on to the units therefore minimising the perils of flooding or fire.


Each unit is secured by the customer's own lock and key,
for extra peace of mind.

Our security is linked in to a well known security company, plus the site is monitored with CCTV and patrolled 24/7 every day of the year.